sábado, 12 de agosto de 2017

I'm So Lonely

I watch the tides roll in I stood there and watch them roll away again Thinkin' about that woman
Oh, that I loved I'm so lonely Oh, I'm so lonely I'm so lonely I could die Why was man made for love When love is so hard to find And I'm still searching For that love of mine I'm so lonely, babe Oh, I'm so lonely now Oh, I'm lonely Oh, I'm lonely I could die Yeah, I never like this In my life before And how long it's gonna last Lord, I just don't know I tell you I'm lonely, Father Oh, I'm some kind of lonely Right now Oh Lord, I'm lonely Oh, I'm so lonely Oh Lord, I could die I'm alone And I'm tired And I'm lonely And I'm real tired now I'm living my way across the water I'm looking way across the water now And all I see is darkness all around I can't see nothing but darkness around that water Oh my Lord Oh Lord, don't you know I'm lonely

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